Does Mosquito Spraying Work in Milwaukee

14 February, 2019-

Mosquito Spraying

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy your backyard, but getting swarmed by insects; especially the persistent mosquito. But Does Mosquito Spraying Work in Milwaukee and Waukesha? The answer...

How Salty is a Salt Water Pool?

12 April, 2017-

Pool Sanitation

Do you want to know the salt content of the average saltwater pool, or do you want to know how salty it tastes? The average ppm (parts per million) of a salt water pool is 3,200ppm - 4,500ppm...

Are Pentair GloBrite LEDs Better than IntelliBrite LEDs?

07 April, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

When it comes to led pool lights, there are different options for you to choose from. You can get a standard sized light light, like the Pentair IntelliBrite LED that is bigger and more powerful,...

Can I Backfill My Pool with Dirt?

05 April, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

No. Done simple and straight forward. Inground pool builders who use dirt, clay, or red pan; generally don't have your best interest at heart. Are their exceptions? Maybe. There are different...

Salt Water Magic makes Swimming Pool Maintenance Simple

03 April, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

You just got your pool opening and you are starting to balance your chemicals like a responsible pool owner. Don't be fooled, there are people who think that once your pump starts up you are done...

Natural Chemistry's Pool Perfect Total, Makes Pool Cleaning Easier

31 March, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

Have your heard a buzz word going around lately, Enzymes? If the answer is maybe, chances are you will start to hear it more often in the near future. Enzymes in the pool industry aren't new when...

Should I Pay to have My Pool Cleaned?

29 March, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

There is nothing better than opening your inground pool for the year, knowing that summer is right around the corner. You take the cover off & open your pool, only to find out it is a mess. Time...

Penguin Pools New Vinyl Liner Install

27 March, 2017-

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Here is a time lapse video we took in 2012 showing a new vinyl liner install. This pool is 20′ x 50′ so we needed to use 3 vacuums to get the suction we needed on the vinyl liner, even though all...

What Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?

24 March, 2017-

Fiberglass Pools

You think that this would be a simple question right? "What Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?"

Vinyl Liner Steps are Reliable and Beautiful

22 March, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

Everyone wants to have the show pool that everyone drools over, but not everyone can afford the WOW factor. A simple way to increase the WoW factor of your pool is to put in some custom pool...