Custom Pool Steps

When it comes to inground pools, nothing changes the look from ordinary to exceptional like a good set of custom pool steps. Vinyl liner covered steps have come back as pool contractors are...

How to find Good Pool Contractors

22 February, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

You have talked it over with the family and everyone agrees, Lets Get a Pool! Great, but how to find good pool contractors comes rushing to your mind. This is a big undertaking and you need to...

Keys to Know for Inground Pool Quotes

22 February, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

Spring is right around the corner and people are starting to think of warm weather. If you are in WI today, it is the 1st time we have seen the sun in 14 days; 3 days off the current record of 17....

How Much does an Automatic Pool Cover Cost

20 February, 2017-

Pool Covers

Time to talk covers, but more specifically an automatic pool cover. We all know that an automatic pool cover provide great safety, but the question now comes up is "How much does an Automatic Pool...

2017 Fiberglass Pool Models

17 February, 2017-

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass manufacturers have released all of their new pool models for you to view along with the ones that they have retired. Now that all the new models are out and ready for production, you...

Strong Pool Krete Mixer & Pump - Vermiculite Pool Bottom

15 February, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

When it comes to the substrate that you are putting in your pool you can do

How to Replace a Vinyl Pool Liner

13 February, 2017-

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Seems like everyone dreads getting that liner replaced, “we can wait one more year”. It’s really not that bad is it? Over time an inground swimming pool’s vinyl liner will start to dry out, crack,...

Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine Pool

10 February, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

You've heard the buzz or maybe you have swam in a salt water pool, but what is it? How does it sanitize? Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine Pool; which is better or better yet which one is safer?

How to Lower pH in a Pool

08 February, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

As you read up on pool chemistry 101, you will see that pH is a major factor in the health of your water and a key component of your pool water chemistry. If you pool water chemistry is high in...

Steel vs Polymer Pool Walls

The great vinyl liner pool wall debate, steel vs polymer pool walls; which one is better? We will try to give you the pros and cons of each wall so that you can decide "what is the best pool wall?"