How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

10 March, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

How much does an inground pool cost? isn't as straight forward as you would like it to be. Inground pool prices can vary among many different factors and would be like asking, "how much does a car cost?"

Regions Vary for Inground Pool PricesHow Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

Pool quotes will vary from region to region and could vary within 100 miles. Natural resources, labor force, distance between cities, or even availability to water will a big effect on inground pool prices.

3 Types of Pools, 3 Different Pool Quotes

Here are some realistic numbers to the question of "How much does an inground pool cost?"

  1. Vinyl Liner Pool :: $40,000 - $55,000
  2. Fiberglass Pool :: $45,000 - $60,000
  3. Concrete Pool :: $60,000 - $75,000Inground Pool Prices

Just to clarify something. The numbers above are based on a "real pool" based on what every pool should have as a minimum. A real pool to me includes the following :

  • Equipment : Pump, Filter, Heater, Sanitation System
  • Steps
  • Lights
  • Auto Cleaner
  • Electrical / Gas Allowance
  • Excavation with Dirt Removal
  • Solar Cover & Winter Cover (if needed)
  • 5' of Concrete around the pool
  • Aluminum Fencing

The above items are sometimes left out by pool contractors so that the pool quotes look attractive. Wouldn't it be great is your inground pool prices were around $30,000? Sure would, however, you would have about $20,000 in additional costs to finish the pool and have it be legal.

Not all Pool Quotes are Built the Same

If you get multiple pool quotes and 1 or two of them are really low, chances are :

  • That pool contractor didn't give you a warm feeling about them.
  • They probably didn't mention some of the things that the other pool builders did.
  • You probably didn't get a referral for them, but rather found them online. 
  • That pool contractor doesn't offer swimming pool services after the build.

Know what you are getting from your pool contractors and don't just rely on inground pool prices from 1 or 2.

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