Graphex Polymer Pool

When you decide to get a new inground vinyl liner pool, you have to decide on if you want a steel or polymer walled pool. Many inground pool specialists offer both types of pool walls, but if they...

Go Green and Save Money with Pentair Variable Speed Pump

17 March, 2017-

Pool Pumps

Lets Go Green and save money. Usually those two things don't go together, but it does in the pool industry. Pentair’s IntelliFlo VS-3050 variable speed pool pump has changed the rules by allowing...

How to Increase pH in a Pool?

How to increase pH in a pool starts with alkalinity. Yes, you read that correctly, alkalinity.  The first thing you want to do is get your alkalinity within range so that your pH doesn't bounce.

Why Is There Algae in My Swimming Pool?

Algae is a one-celled plant that can grow in your pool if conditions are favorable, and it’s a major concern for swimming pool owners. The most common reason for algae growth in pools is that it...

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

10 March, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

How much does an inground pool cost? isn't as straight forward as you would like it to be. Inground pool prices can vary among many different factors and would be like asking, "how much does a car...

How to Pour a New Vermiculite Pool Base

08 March, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

Pouring your vermiculite pool bottom is a standard yet skilled process when building your vinyl liner pool. 

Swimming Pool Services should be done by your Pool Contractor

06 March, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

Add a few chemicals, turn the heater on, throw in the auto cleaner; pools ready to go correct? That little tear drop leak isn't a big deal and I will get to cleaning out those leaves later. If...

Penguin Pools Wins APSP Region 5/6 Design Award

03 March, 2017-

Inground Swimming Pools

We were just notified that Penguin Pools of WI just won a design award in Region 5/6. The award  honors pool contractors in the Midwest region and will be given at the MidAmerica Show on January...

How To Install Inground Pool Walls

01 March, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

Regardless of what pool contractor you decide to use for your pool, they will all install your vinyl liner pool walls in the same manner. Some will use different tricks or sequencing, but at the...

Penguin Pools Caulks all Pool Walls - Why don't all Pool Contractors?

27 February, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

For years, Penguin Pools used duct tape on all of the seams of our vinyl liner swimming pools. When we first started building pools, along with most pool contractors, it was common practice and...