Harmony Outdoor Living Products

Penguin Pools of Milwaukee, WI is now pleased to announce that we are offering and installing the full line of Harmony Outdoor Living Products. Harmony Outdoor offers modulated outdoor living...

Are LED Pool Lights Worth the Money?

04 February, 2009-

Inground Swimming Pools, Blog

There are tons of options for you when you are deciding on building your new inground pool and you need to decide on what is an option and what is something that should be done right away?


Plumbing 101: The Basics of Swimming Pool Plumbing

03 February, 2009-

Blog, General Pools News

Many pool builders always skimp or rush through the plumbing. Why? If it is done wrong or looks like junk, no one will be happy. The client will won’t be happy when the pool isn’t performing up to...