What Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?

24 March, 2017-

Fiberglass Pools

You think that this would be a simple question right? "What Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?"

2017 Fiberglass Pool Models

17 February, 2017-

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass manufacturers have released all of their new pool models for you to view along with the ones that they have retired. Now that all the new models are out and ready for production, you...

How Much does it Cost to Ship a Fiberglass Pool

12 June, 2016-

Fiberglass Pools

You picked out the the fiberglass pool that meets your needs. You crunched the numbers and know the fiberglass pool cost.

Then you see it and you begin to wonder . . . why do I have to pay for the...

Do Fiberglass Pools Work in WI?

20 May, 2016-

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools work in Northern Climates as the cold affects them just the same as they affect concrete pools. Both fiberglass and concrete pools are a vessel to hold water and as such have the...

Why is Cantilevered Concrete on a Fiberglass Pool so Important?

The flat work around a fiberglass pool doesn't seem like a big deal but it is. What you put around your pool is what "finishes" off the pool but it also does something below the surface that most...

Fiberglass Pool Myths - Fiberglass Pools Can't Handle Freeze Thaw

More common fiberglass myths; Fiberglass Pools Can't Handle Freeze Thaw Cycles?  Any pool that is built correctly can handle the freeze and thaw cycles in northern climates.  Doesn't matter if it...

How Long to Install a Fiberglass Pool

28 March, 2016-

Fiberglass Pools

You just watched a show where they built a house in a week & during that time they also installed a fully operational backyard with an inground fiberglass pool. Awesome, sign me up; problem is...

Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost more than a Concrete Pool?

19 March, 2016-

Fiberglass Pools

You have decided that an inground pool is the right choice for you, but are you deciding on a fiberglass or concrete pool?

Fiberglass allows you easier cleaning, a smooth finish, and easier...

Are Fiberglass Pools Easier to Clean?

"Are Fiberglass Pools Easier to Clean", well the short answer is "yes"; and the long ansswer is "absolutely fiberglass pools are the easiest pool to clean".

When you are considering an inground...

Fiberglass Pool Myths - Do Fiberglass Pools Pop Out of the Ground?

This fiberglass myth is a favorite of inground pool builders who have never installed a fiberglass swimming pool. Concrete and fiberglass pool pop ups are possible if the pool is installed...