Salt Water Magic makes Swimming Pool Maintenance Simple

03 April, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

You just got your pool opening and you are starting to balance your chemicals like a responsible pool owner. Don't be fooled, there are people who think that once your pump starts up you are done...

Natural Chemistry's Pool Perfect Total, Makes Pool Cleaning Easier

31 March, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

Have your heard a buzz word going around lately, Enzymes? If the answer is maybe, chances are you will start to hear it more often in the near future. Enzymes in the pool industry aren't new when...

Should I Pay to have My Pool Cleaned?

29 March, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

There is nothing better than opening your inground pool for the year, knowing that summer is right around the corner. You take the cover off & open your pool, only to find out it is a mess. Time...

How to Increase pH in a Pool?

How to increase pH in a pool starts with alkalinity. Yes, you read that correctly, alkalinity.  The first thing you want to do is get your alkalinity within range so that your pH doesn't bounce.

Why Is There Algae in My Swimming Pool?

Algae is a one-celled plant that can grow in your pool if conditions are favorable, and it’s a major concern for swimming pool owners. The most common reason for algae growth in pools is that it...

Swimming Pool Services should be done by your Pool Contractor

06 March, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

Add a few chemicals, turn the heater on, throw in the auto cleaner; pools ready to go correct? That little tear drop leak isn't a big deal and I will get to cleaning out those leaves later. If...

Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine Pool

10 February, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

You've heard the buzz or maybe you have swam in a salt water pool, but what is it? How does it sanitize? Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine Pool; which is better or better yet which one is safer?

How to Lower pH in a Pool

08 February, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

As you read up on pool chemistry 101, you will see that pH is a major factor in the health of your water and a key component of your pool water chemistry. If you pool water chemistry is high in...

Pool Chemistry 101: Basics to Maintaining Your Pool Water Chemistry

23 January, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

Basic Testing in Pool Chemistry 101 ::

Standard swimming pool services include maintaining and adjusting your pool water chemistry. The following items are the basics to test for when checking...

What Happens when you Pee in the Pool?

18 January, 2017-

Maintenance & Service

Lets think about this, "What Happens when you Pee in the Pool?", it is absolutely disgusting. Imagine if a little bit of urine was mixed in with your water when you took a shower.