How Salty is a Salt Water Pool?

12 April, 2017-

Pool Sanitation

Do you want to know the salt content of the average saltwater pool, or do you want to know how salty it tastes? The average ppm (parts per million) of a salt water pool is 3,200ppm - 4,500ppm...

How to Increase pH in a Pool?

How to increase pH in a pool starts with alkalinity. Yes, you read that correctly, alkalinity.  The first thing you want to do is get your alkalinity within range so that your pH doesn't bounce.

Why Is There Algae in My Swimming Pool?

Algae is a one-celled plant that can grow in your pool if conditions are favorable, and it’s a major concern for swimming pool owners. The most common reason for algae growth in pools is that it...

At What Level TDS Should I Drain My Pool

TDS, stands for Total Dissolved Solids . . . which is basically all the stuff and junk held within your water.  Everything we add to the water increases the TDS of your pool water; chemical...

How to Clean a Salt Water Cell

15 April, 2016-

Pool Sanitation

Maintaining your salt water chlorine generator cell is important for the functionality and life span of the unit. The process is simple and straight forward and with a few items you can keep your...