Are Pentair GloBrite LEDs Better than IntelliBrite LEDs?

07 April, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

When it comes to led pool lights, there are different options for you to choose from. You can get a standard sized light light, like the Pentair IntelliBrite LED that is bigger and more powerful,...

Can I Backfill My Pool with Dirt?

05 April, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

No. Done simple and straight forward. Inground pool builders who use dirt, clay, or red pan; generally don't have your best interest at heart. Are their exceptions? Maybe. There are different...

Vinyl Liner Steps are Reliable and Beautiful

22 March, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

Everyone wants to have the show pool that everyone drools over, but not everyone can afford the WOW factor. A simple way to increase the WoW factor of your pool is to put in some custom pool...

Graphex Polymer Pool

When you decide to get a new inground vinyl liner pool, you have to decide on if you want a steel or polymer walled pool. Many inground pool specialists offer both types of pool walls, but if they...

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

10 March, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

How much does an inground pool cost? isn't as straight forward as you would like it to be. Inground pool prices can vary among many different factors and would be like asking, "how much does a car...

How to Pour a New Vermiculite Pool Base

08 March, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

Pouring your vermiculite pool bottom is a standard yet skilled process when building your vinyl liner pool. 

How To Install Inground Pool Walls

01 March, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

Regardless of what pool contractor you decide to use for your pool, they will all install your vinyl liner pool walls in the same manner. Some will use different tricks or sequencing, but at the...

Penguin Pools Caulks all Pool Walls - Why don't all Pool Contractors?

27 February, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

For years, Penguin Pools used duct tape on all of the seams of our vinyl liner swimming pools. When we first started building pools, along with most pool contractors, it was common practice and...

Custom Pool Steps

When it comes to inground pools, nothing changes the look from ordinary to exceptional like a good set of custom pool steps. Vinyl liner covered steps have come back as pool contractors are...

How to find Good Pool Contractors

22 February, 2017-

Swimming Pool Construction

You have talked it over with the family and everyone agrees, Lets Get a Pool! Great, but how to find good pool contractors comes rushing to your mind. This is a big undertaking and you need to...